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How to Get Free Credit Correction Services or Software !!!!

We have been working with some great partners in the past, and recently S&S Financial has been receiving some really positive attention. 

We have a long standing tradition of making credit correction services and software more affordable to consumers. 

And we are very excited that our partners have helped us with a new initiative to allow individuals who help themselves and others be eligible to receive our simple to use and powerful credit education and correction software at a subsidized discount, or even for free!

This means that more and more individuals can help themselves and others handle their credit!
Just think what could happen if more people has an accurate credit report? 

How great and easier would things be for people if they just had the credit report that reflected the truth?
Think of the opportunities that everyday people could now get!
  • A car loan from an dealership for reliable and warrantied vehicles that are reasonable to afford
  • An apartment lease at reasonable terms in an area they want to live vs. where their credit forces them to live
  • A job with an employer that values the credit of their employees, and possibly has health benfits
  • Insurance rates that are lower for auto and home
  • A mortgage for a house at terms they can afford
  • A cell phone plan from a major carrier instead of pre-paid plans
  • Even employment in the military
A correct credit report can change lives! - 
And we want more people to create this awareness!
Ask yourself: "How Can You Help?"

Because of the testimonials we receive (be sure to leave one yourself here), we are able to have private foundations provide us sponsorship and sometimes funding to offer even better promotions to you!
   >> The more testimonials we have, the more attention we get! 
   >> And the more attention we get, the more partners want to help us with our mission!
   >> Feel free to pass this link onto anyone who might benefit!

Recently we have been putting together a multitude of organizations willing to cooperate and provide subsidy to select individuals. We know how hard it is to get started, and we wanted to strive to make it easier.
This is our initial roll out of the subsidy program, and we are still working the bugs out, but we hope that in the end, you are able to help more people with greater ease

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