Our Organization

Our Objectives

S&S Financial Group Corporation™ is non- profit organization dedicated to providing financial intelligence through advocacy, resources, consulting, credit consultation and enrichment through education, tailored services, and Trusting relationships.


S&S Financial Group Corporation™, doing business as Consumer Consultant Services of Bay Area and Sacramento, Consumer Consultant Services in Contra Costa County and Sacramento County, our firm dedicated to providing financial intelligence, and credit solutions through consultation, and tailored services.

The firm offers services-- Consulting services, one-on-one individual credit consulting. S&S Financial Group Corp was established 2006, by the local board of directors to educate on financial intelligence, promoting financial stability through financial intelligence.

S&S Financial Group Corp™ is best known for credit consulting. we have provided to consumers in California since 2004. The end product of a merger, in 2004, of ShandyCorp agencies.

Service Excellence

S&S Financial Group Corporation is a Non Profit organization registered in the state of California.

S&S Financial Group Corp™ is a good standing member of the (SSC)-, serving and most well-respected credit consulting network in California. 

All of S&S Financial Group Corp™'s counselors are required to be trained through (SSC)-- before they may counsel clients. Our training covers:

Financial intelligence
Consumer Rights and Responsibilities: 
Credit Restoration
Debt Management  
Credit Laws (FCRA)

Consulting Certification

S&S Financial Corp™ is certified by (SSC). SSC is an independent and respected agency that certify service organizations/ programs. S&S Financial Group Corp is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureaus.


S&S Financial Group Corp™’s capital comes from "The Credit Coach, Inc, a grant for free services offered to the community. S&S Financial Group Corp™ We have provided services at the most reasonable prices possible to clients. We also receive grants from other charitable organization and private foundations. We here at S&S Financial Group Corp believe that no one should let finances be the reason for not taking advantage of our services

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