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S&S Financial Corp™ is home to one of the nation’s best consumer, credit education, and financial solutions company.. We offer a variety of programs to help the needs of people in different life stages:

Our client will learning more about budgeting, credit reports and scores, and saving, investing and retirement planning. Identity Theft Prevention and Resolution to help people minimize their risk and learn what to do if their identity has been compromised.

Credit Report Review to help people understand what is on a credit report, how it got there, how to get errors corrected and the steps to take to optimize their credit score.Here is your chance to learn about what those confusing credit reports really mean. By call for your consultation, you will allow The Credit Coaches to obtain and provide you with your own tri-merged credit report. This merged report includes information from,, and TransUnion, as well as your corresponding credit scores. You will be taken step-by-step through your credit report to help you understand what you are reading. By the end of the consultant, you will know:

1. How to interpret the codes used on the reports;

2. How to identify and dispute errors; Why it is important to gather information from all three credit bureaus; and How to recognize some of the most common signs of identity theft or fraud.

If you would like additional help in preparing letters to dispute errors and to correct inaccuracies on your credit report.If you do not have the time or the desire to write letters to dispute credit report errors, we offer Credit Report Correction. Check our program pricing more information, the professionals within S&S Financial Group Corp™, Along with The Credit Coach special services division will write letters to the three credit bureaus for up to 10 creditor disputes. If you have more than 10 creditor disputes, a detailed review may be appropriate to ensure that identity theft is not an issue. We are familiar with various types of credit report disputes and can skillfully compose these letters in a timely manner for your convenience.If you would like to avail yourselves of this service to correct mistakes on your credit reports, Visit our contact us page to set-up you initial consultation..



Could you use a boost in your credit score? We will help you add Secure and Unsecured Credit to your credit file. Our enhancement packages are designed to increase your credit score over time, easily, and drastically through education. You apply the following lines of credit to your current credit history. These lines of credit are guaranteed to give you a significant increase on your credit score within three to six months. These lines will help you to establish or re-establish a perfect  credit histories.

We will help you to maintain a status of never a day late, and always paid in full. Think about having a perfect credit history, with The Credit Coach your every step of the way with a little hard work. When these trade lines are actually placed on your credit file, the history you will receive is dated from the time the account first opened. This, in turn, shows the creditors that you are re-establishing a positive credit history. You will see a few companies offering the same type of service. It's very important to understand that when doing this, you need to be sure that you are choosing the right credit cards with the right pricing structure. An Credit Card account that as high fees will not be ideal.

Our enhancement packages are designed to increase your credit score overtime, easily, and drastically. We will help you apply for the right credit to add to your  current credit history.  *Note* These are real accounts. You will be receiving the credit cards, we will not be able to access any of the credit cards from this program. This is only to establish a positive credit history on your existing credit file, yet once you have received these credit cards, within 6-12 months you will have the ability to apply for credit on your own. Also, all credit enhancement programs will take 45-90 days to appear on all three major credit bureaus. All brands are trademarks of their respective companies. We do not represent those companies in any way, nor do they represent us.

How it works...

First, we will add you as an client, We will set down with you to decide on the best revolving credit card accounts. These accounts are all low limit accounts when opened and with increase after the first 3 months of history has been established..

Then, we will use the card to make a small purchase and then pay the entire balance before the due date which will trigger the credit reporting. Once the credit bureaus cycle, the entire history of each account we add will be reflected on to your credit file with 60-90 days depending on each credit bureau's reporting cycle.

This process is nothing new. This is one of the most popular credit enhancement tools out there.It works extremely well and although we cannot guarantee exactly how many points you will gain with this method, we have seen FICO scores increase as much as 200 points.


S&S Financial Corp™ offers a wide variety of solutions to meet the needs of business as well as the needs of corporations..

S&S Financial Corp provides business solutions, from incorporation services, and business consulting services.


Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in the nation. S&S Financial Corp™ offers four services to assist clients to protect themselves from identity theft and to resolve problems when they have been victimized. 
Identity Theft Resolution Guide is our comprehensive guide, to help you take the proper precautions to safeguard your identity, as well as develop a plan of attack if your identity has been compromised.

S&S Financial Corp™ also offers preventing and resolving identity theft services on steps you can take to protect yourself from becoming a victim of identity theft and covers the critical steps you should take if you have already become a victim.

S&S Financial Corp™ Trained counselors are also available to meet with you via phone, to assess the damage caused by identity theft and determine the best corrective action to dispute and resolve your identity theft problems as quickly as possible.

S&S Financial Corp™ professional Identity Theft Resolution service is the quickest and most convenient way for you to resolve your identity theft problems. Our trained staff will guide you in filing a police report and then we will take over from there. We will contact your creditors, the credit bureaus, and the FTC to dispute and resolve your identity theft problems.

Whichever solution is right for you, you can be certain that S&S Financial Corp™ will assist you in resolving your problems personal Financial Management.



First-time Home buyer for potential home buyers who want to learn more about the home buying process, including guidance on how to shop for loans and secure down payment assistance.

Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Prevention to assist those who are having difficulty in making their mortgage payments understand the options that may be available to them.
Do you wonder if you would be better off buying rather than renting a home? 
Do you wish you could build up equity in a home? 
Do you ever wonder how expensive of a home you can realistically afford?

If you dream of owning your own home, learn the steps required to purchase a home, including how to qualify for first-time home buyer benefits and programs. Learn how to access various city, county and state programs to cover most of the costs you will be faced with to purchase your first home. Potential home buyers are provided with valuable instruction on all important pre-purchase decisions and how to qualify for a home loan.

What to expect throughout the loan process;
How their credit scores will affect their mortgage interest rates and fees;
The meaning of common real estate terms;
How to avoid delinquency situations; and
How to recognize the signs of potential predatory lending practices.



This program is designed to help individuals who do not have a banking relationship to gain access to financial services. By obtaining checking account privileges, consumers enjoy the convenience of not having to purchase money orders and cashier's checks to pay their bills and they also save on numerous fees. By choosing this programs, those with negative notations on their ChexSystems report can avoid the normal five-year waiting period required by most financial institution, provided that they have not been found guilty of fraud. The program is focused on checking account management and good debt practices. Once you complete the program, and repay all outstanding debt reflected in your ChexSystems report, a participating financial institution will allow you to open a checking account upon presentation of the certificate of completion, and open up a deposit account. With our services you can expect to learn:

How to choose an account that is right for you;
How to balance your checkbook and reconcile your statement;
How to avoid common mistakes in managing your account; and
How implementing a spending plan is key to maintaining your financial well-being.
To take advantage of recovery you must first obtain a copy of your ChexSystems report (at no cost). Call                (800) 428-9623         to order a copy of your ChexSystems report. You will need a copy of this report and a current photo I.D. in order to receive counseling. Please note: Anyone whose bank account was closed for suspected fraud is not eligible to take this program. Unless due to no fault of your own.




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