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Tips & Hints

HINT #1: To login to see your online status, simply use your Email address and birthdate.

Birthdates should be entered with all 8 digits like this:

July 3th, 1977 would be entered as 07/03/1977 with the slashes or 07031977 without the slashes
(entering 7/3/77 is incorrect because it is missing the zeros)



HINT #2: To receive email updates when your profile changes, login, then use the email options at the top of the screen to select to receive emails as a "link to this page" every "every change" or "every 1 days" (you will only receive an email IF your file has been updated, just becuase you choose "every change" could mean that if your files remains unchanged for 2-3 weeks, then no email notification will be sent)